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HHS Plan to Improve Rural Health Focuses on Better Broadband, Telehealth Services


The new plan acknowledges the gaps in health care and other problems facing rural America.

COVID-19 Triggers ePrescribing, Direct Messaging Increase


During March, outpatient visits dropped roughly 60 percent, which boosted telehealth visits up to 46 percent across health facilities.

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Home Health Agencies Plan Ahead for Full-Blown RCD Resumption


CMS announced it will not immediately pursue a full-blown restart of the Review Choice Demonstration

Med Students ‘Feel Very Behind’ Because of COVID-Induced Disruptions in Training


“It’s a nightmare scenario for the class of 2021.”

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Spending on Home Health Care Down 21.6% Under PDGM


There are several reasons for the underspending, but it essentially boils down to CMS

What is ePrescribing and Why is it Vital for Providers, Patients?


The introduction of ePrescribing in 2003 brought a more convenient, cheaper, and safer prescribing alternative for doctors, pharmacies, and patients.

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Prognosis for Rural Hospitals Worsens With Pandemic


As COVID-19 continues to spread, an increasing number of rural communities find themselves without their hospital or on the brink of losing facilities.

More Than Half of All Home Health Agencies Have Treated COVID-19 Patients


CMS officially closed its public comment window for the 2021 proposed home health payment rule on Monday.

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Decision to Care for COVID-19 Patients Pays Off for Home Care Agencies


“When it first started hitting, we didn’t think we could handle COVID-19”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Pushes for Increased PPE, Telehealth Payment for In-Home Care Providers


Home health and home care providers have been vocal about the challenges they’ve faced acquiring personal protective equipment.

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Increased EHR Usability Has Low Impact on Novice EHR Performance


In addition to triggering performance growth for expert resident physicians.

Home Health Agencies Aren’t ‘Upcoding’ to Maximize PDGM Reimbursement


CMS believed home health agencies would automatically “upcode,” or pick the primary diagnosis code tied to the highest level of reimbursement.

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With 40% of Nursing Homes Close to Shutting Down, the ‘Shift to Home’ Is Likely to Accelerate


The nursing home sector is currently in the midst of a major spike of new COVID-19 cases.

How Royal Care Improved Its Caregiver Retention Rate to Over 90%


In-home care providers have been forced to become increasingly creative when it comes to retention.

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Older Population Often Overlooked During EHR Optimization


EHR optimization within acute care hospitals is not up to the highest healthcare standard for older population patients.

30% of Home-Based Care Providers Aren’t Using Technology Tools


COVID-19 has underscored how valuable technology can be when it comes to caring for seniors in their homes.

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Medicare Overpaid $267M for Hospital In-Patient Claims with Post-Acute Transfers to Home Health Services


According to a new audit report, hospitals improperly coding for post-discharge services contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicare overpayments.

How Home Health Agencies Can Demand Higher Valuations in M&A Deals


Buyers looking to purchase a home health provider have thousands of options to choose from. Agencies have less leeway.

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Cerner Integrates EHR Digital Health Platform to Boost Patient Experience


Cerner announced it is partnering with digital health platform, Xealth, in an effort to enhance the patient care experience and enable patients to be active treatment participants throughout the healthcare process.

Consumer Demand for Home-Based Care Models Will Continue to Increase


COVID-19 pushed more senior care into the home, boosting business for Louisville, Kentucky-based health insurance giant.

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Home Health to Play Increasingly Important Role in Clinical Research


Agencies are seeing higher levels of service demand, fewer workforce and recruitment issues and a heightened ability to divert patients away from skilled nursing facilities.